środa, 1 września 2010

Dream 2010.09.01.

I walk into the room which seems to be a very spacious place and slowly step by step I start to recognise it.
It is the cinema in my little hometown.
The story of it is very sad, as after a lively time during the whole time after the WW II in 1990 it ceased to exist after it got back by the Catholic Church estate. Until now it is completely ruined.
I enter this room and I see that the movie is set on, it seems dark and animpulsive burstout of a live action energy. It is Batman but none of the parts which were directed. First part of Batman was actually the last movie I had a chance to watch there.
The Batman movie I watch is completely different, close to life, Nolanesque a bit, but seems to me more of a Jim Jarmusch and Mike Leigh movie at the same time.
It feels as if the movie is affected by the viewer - as deeper I dwelve into my subcosciousness the more affected the clue and the action fo the movie seems to be.
I see some familiar people in the first two rows - these are no different than my pals from primary school, my friends, they also set their own movie stance...
I am the camera man, watching at the back, in the distance, slowly changing the reels until all sinks into a celluloid mist...

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