środa, 29 września 2010

dream 2010.09.29. Depleted well of obsolete

I still got this type of dreams which include cut-ups from very old polish movies from the 1970's or 1980's which include series of absurd events. This last one was connected with the most absurd movie I remember. It involved a story of a guy who was coming back from his lover living in a dinghy motel and had a car accident. It happened in the mountains and he got stuck for good trying to survive. The old east German ORWO film type was used for this one and the colours were really bleak.
The series of absurd happenings moved all the way round. Suddenly Kermit the Frog appeared and told us the tale of grave news: which was the grandmother of the stuck one was preparing a home made jam of plumes and prunes. What a pity! he had to wait until he got released and he got extremely hungry.
then the series of absurd collages followed on and it was really difficult to distinguish which ones follow which line of sense.
I alwyas tend to think that it was just some kind of recallibration process to adapt the mind to new patterns and explicitly express the erased ones as they needed strongly to be spoken out.

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  1. Niesamowite. Nie znam się na tym, o czym piszesz, a ostatniego zdania nie zrozumiałabym pewnie nawet po polsku, ale nieoczekiwana prezencja Kermita Żaby to hmm... dream jam session :).

    A mi się śnił taki borderline sen, w którym się świetnie bawiłam a to w damsko-męskim, a to w damsko-damskim gronie, obciach byłoby opowiadać :).