niedziela, 5 września 2010

Dream 2010.09.05.

I had a meeting with friends which was a very messy thing to do - hard to cope for me as I organised the party and tried hard to fix the things out.
Many people came to visit me not only as friends whom I welcomed and invited before but also many who were trying to do some business with me.
Then I had a flashback of myself travelling on the subway and meditating, It was a deja vu which I have many times on the subway...approaching slowly to the train coming and coming through the walls of the train without entering the door. I just mingle with the substance of the walls slowly transferring my body through it and then travelling sitting and meditating.
In the dream I contacted with a friend of mine who sent a very loud signals of sentences:
Heal your body and soul
I then passed on the message but contacted him in a dream and tried to talk which seemed pretty easy. The noise in the underground was very loud but despite this I had a very clear sense of whom I am speaking to and the feeling of the scent of my pal.
He told me a tale of his Dominican indian grandmother who, when in pain, laid down to sleep and in this way she evoked the spirits to give her the proper remedy for curing herself.
My pal advised me to get in touch with spirits and ask for that, as I was healing one of my patients.
I did that...the yellow phone started to ring and I answered it
The voice told me to follow the interstate dream connection...

This dream had a clear image of connections between one and other dream line. Very strong feeling

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