wtorek, 24 sierpnia 2010

Dream 2010.08.25. part 2

I awake in a grey domain of the-almost-morning time awoken by the humming of the storm and banging of the door. Slowly I remind myself that there's a laundry outside on the balcony which I left to be dried the night before. The storm is coming and the wind is getting really agressive. I am picking up all the clothes and then looking through the window af it was some kind of wall of water/glass transparent it may be, but there's a feeling in me , that this wall is a borderline of some experience...probably the feeling I get after that is also somewhat of a direction...getting the laundry back is like rescuing my house from the torrential rain when it was being built back in 1992 when we woke up with our parents to save the part which didn't have roof as it was being built...feeling I get getting the laundry is like rescuing invisible family which never existed, only to be reflected in the water wall to see yourself and all your life endeavours...walk gently through the gates of joy...

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