piątek, 4 stycznia 2013


So began so that looked like Ophelia lying in the water, in a long dress with flowers on the head, but the dress was a river, colorful, beautiful, but silent, it was not too much life.
you floated, but at the same time you ran this river, it took on a dream summer, but you didn't get old, time didn't touch
energy radiated with woman erotic sexual energy firmly but quietly and unobtrusively ...
Later the river as if it is separated from you, and started to live its own life, and you both separated

 you moved from place to place, from another country to another
people appeared
various options
travel trips
and you didn't get old
still the same face, but a fuller life
I then met on a train somewhere in Asia
we talked for a moment and we agreed to meet exactly one year after
in the same place
and  it happened
but this time you had a tiny handbag embroidered with beads
It was so small and yet so magically capacious that it could hide an elephant
not even a whole herd
started to remove the entire library of books, and at the end you took the whole stream of river and
and smiled  to me
and this is the end

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