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4 elements

4 elements
Air - space
A round table set in a cluttered dining room in an old german style. The ceiling is wallpapered with handwritten notes about Fibonacci's  theories - makes it magnitude of interpretations, food for thought, idiomatic and hermetic notions that seem literally to fall down on the floor and table and foremostly heads of the 4 sitting students who are having breakfast over text books of intricate subject a mixture of 3 different languages and mixed science business.
Instead of talking about the subjects they discuss the matters connected with what society wants from them, what they need to do in order to steer away their dreams and aspirations.
Three of them talk without a grain of will to stop, just using their tongues to express their frustrations.
The breakfast finishes when one of them, sitting until now silently says - The stillness is where the dancing point is. Abrupt as it is - they find it offensive and being angry with her - they leave the room, talking all the books with them.
The scene ends with a focus on the ceiling. Invisible fingers touch the calculations, lines, digits, notes on it.
Fire - confusion
A late night phone call from Rodos, a greek island.
Short talk between a surprised person and some man trying to explain his offer in broken English.
The talk finishes and the woman who was received the phone call sighs and develops a visible state of distraction thinking and visualising the court case  - the pictures are very vivid and alive - are placed on her liver - as if they were projected with external device.
The scene changes - driving cars - quite freely, no traffic jams, driving through suburbs, the doors  open during the drive and out of the cars a magnitude of household gadgets fall free out to the road multiplying like some kind of insects...Eventually people driving the cars become the toy game consoles, sitting silently behind the steering wheels, the movement stops. Everything falls silent.

Water - at Night
Walking around in unknown area, trying to find lost teeth from the childhood, the persona remains unknown, we can see only his hands, hear his breath.
Scrambling over the hedgerows, metal fences, barbed wire, coffee shops windows.
Suddenly the teeth come to sight with a swift look - on the flower bed in empty dark park - they shine in the night seeking the seeker.
He(?) feels not satisfied.
He was looking for something else, nervously strolling the night blooming like a night flower.

Earth - Australian dreamtime
A group of aborigines sniffing gasoline and dancing in a ceremony of cargo cult.
Endless dance of naked feet on a red dusty soil but without any purpose, just for the sake of killing time.
The rock paintings are looking silently at the dancers, just waiting, opening eyes.
The group of Wandijna creatures descends from the sky and  tries to talk but the dancers still continue the dance.
Shift to another scene - Melbourne - lawyers lying dead on the streets.

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