piątek, 4 stycznia 2013


So began so that looked like Ophelia lying in the water, in a long dress with flowers on the head, but the dress was a river, colorful, beautiful, but silent, it was not too much life.
you floated, but at the same time you ran this river, it took on a dream summer, but you didn't get old, time didn't touch
energy radiated with woman erotic sexual energy firmly but quietly and unobtrusively ...
Later the river as if it is separated from you, and started to live its own life, and you both separated

 you moved from place to place, from another country to another
people appeared
various options
travel trips
and you didn't get old
still the same face, but a fuller life
I then met on a train somewhere in Asia
we talked for a moment and we agreed to meet exactly one year after
in the same place
and  it happened
but this time you had a tiny handbag embroidered with beads
It was so small and yet so magically capacious that it could hide an elephant
not even a whole herd
started to remove the entire library of books, and at the end you took the whole stream of river and
and smiled  to me
and this is the end

sobota, 16 czerwca 2012

4 elements

4 elements
Air - space
A round table set in a cluttered dining room in an old german style. The ceiling is wallpapered with handwritten notes about Fibonacci's  theories - makes it magnitude of interpretations, food for thought, idiomatic and hermetic notions that seem literally to fall down on the floor and table and foremostly heads of the 4 sitting students who are having breakfast over text books of intricate subject a mixture of 3 different languages and mixed science business.
Instead of talking about the subjects they discuss the matters connected with what society wants from them, what they need to do in order to steer away their dreams and aspirations.
Three of them talk without a grain of will to stop, just using their tongues to express their frustrations.
The breakfast finishes when one of them, sitting until now silently says - The stillness is where the dancing point is. Abrupt as it is - they find it offensive and being angry with her - they leave the room, talking all the books with them.
The scene ends with a focus on the ceiling. Invisible fingers touch the calculations, lines, digits, notes on it.
Fire - confusion
A late night phone call from Rodos, a greek island.
Short talk between a surprised person and some man trying to explain his offer in broken English.
The talk finishes and the woman who was received the phone call sighs and develops a visible state of distraction thinking and visualising the court case  - the pictures are very vivid and alive - are placed on her liver - as if they were projected with external device.
The scene changes - driving cars - quite freely, no traffic jams, driving through suburbs, the doors  open during the drive and out of the cars a magnitude of household gadgets fall free out to the road multiplying like some kind of insects...Eventually people driving the cars become the toy game consoles, sitting silently behind the steering wheels, the movement stops. Everything falls silent.

Water - at Night
Walking around in unknown area, trying to find lost teeth from the childhood, the persona remains unknown, we can see only his hands, hear his breath.
Scrambling over the hedgerows, metal fences, barbed wire, coffee shops windows.
Suddenly the teeth come to sight with a swift look - on the flower bed in empty dark park - they shine in the night seeking the seeker.
He(?) feels not satisfied.
He was looking for something else, nervously strolling the night blooming like a night flower.

Earth - Australian dreamtime
A group of aborigines sniffing gasoline and dancing in a ceremony of cargo cult.
Endless dance of naked feet on a red dusty soil but without any purpose, just for the sake of killing time.
The rock paintings are looking silently at the dancers, just waiting, opening eyes.
The group of Wandijna creatures descends from the sky and  tries to talk but the dancers still continue the dance.
Shift to another scene - Melbourne - lawyers lying dead on the streets.

sobota, 27 listopada 2010

The Golden Shawl on a sunny June afternoon

Its' a lovely June afternoon, the softness of Light, The Light actually is one of the main characters of this dream story...I always remind myself the happiest afternoons I have ever had, Dublin, Howth lying on the beach and almost ready to go but the bliss making me stay there...my hometown...same feelings...
I had an urgent call from Great Britain, somebody calls me on my mobile, in a gentle manner inquiring me about me coming to London on a very special mission. I seem agreeable to that offer and look at myself after the call where I got my flight and everything arranged.. The flight seems to be arranged as a trip on a very strange device, more of a hoovercraft than a typical plane.
I am waiting sitting on the grass and then instantly I am in one of the anglican churches in London, dunno which one's that....
People ask me to enter the venue, but it seems I am not the best man. I am given a golden shawl to embrace my arms, feeling more like a woman than a typical man, I took this challenge of bringing mysef into strange situation and after that I am being kindly asked to present a speech and a blessing, more as a preacher than a person who has other things to do out there, especially because of the fact that I am at the royal wedding...The happily married couple seems shy and dilligent to keep themselves busy with the vows.
the bells...
Soften a soft light and pass on unto the afternoon walk
I am taken to a different time and different season walking in the Solec Park, November 2010, Warsaw, my friend Przemek and his offspring: 2 daughters and a boy...
we approach a hedge whcih seems surprisingly green for this time of the year...
it spreads open to us...we enter a new realm
bliss bliss blisss
no tension at all
well, here's your story ...

niedziela, 3 października 2010

The House of Dance- broken links restored in dreams 2010.10.03.

The setting is real. Lubelska street in Warsaw offers an extraordinary place to entertain yourself in an extraordinary way - Dom Tańca - The House of Dance - aretro experience.
I am part of a band, a pre 2nd WW band dressed up neatly in tailored suits, special hairdos, Joseph on drums, Frank (my granddad) on double bass, Maniek on acoustic guitar and me on clarinet. We mostly play old tunes and ditties like polkas, tangas and stuff. We stand on the stage made of fresh wood which still keeps the flavour and scent of it. Same for the people who came to dance - all young ladies and gentlemen dressed smartly, most of them standing up the walls, too shy to come and ask for a dance. We play all along but the starngeness of it is that I am asleep lying in a bed which stands close to the stage, all dressed in the suit but barefooted, playing clarinet with my eyes closed but still perfect pitch up to the rhythm.
We make pauses and breaks and as we do we drink home made vodka which is encapsuled in Joe's snaredrum. The party rolls on, we play "Czarna Mańka" tango a very quaint and melancholical tone.
After some time we just stop and with a sudden thang Joe's damages his snaredrum and the vodka inside it leaks out...I wake up and get to the window. There's a small boy called Maciek just down below listening to music, a poor child with no shoes on.
- Hey laddie, just go to Stephen will Ya? we need his snaredrum. Tell him I asked You to do that ok?
he runs his ass off to do that. But we need to play.
I don't see the band and the people.
My granddad tells me:
"Hubie, get back to bed, we need to play"
I realize that the scene will follow only if I am asleep.
I go to bed then and being asleep we play another tango, Joe manages somehow to play with us. What happens is that I am trying to keep up with the rhythm, but when I try to do that I am always waking up which makes it difficult as the setting and the people disappear. Frank, my granddad, who's here my brother asks me to be careful and not to break up with the sleep which makes the whole thing starting up from the same point. A break up - I wake up- all's gone - I get to sleep again - the music countinues- all in perfect linear intervals.
At last Maciek comes, out of breath with Stephan's snaredrum.
We have some more vodka and we can have a break.
Ladies dance and smile, young laddies and gentlemen bow as they ask the ladies for a dance...Everybod's happy, we get paid so we can buy some new instruments and strings and stuff. We get extra free vodka. Life's bliss...
My grandad passed away in 1982 as I was 6 years old. He was my childhood hero. Now he is back again, being my brother.

środa, 29 września 2010

dream 2010.09.29. Depleted well of obsolete

I still got this type of dreams which include cut-ups from very old polish movies from the 1970's or 1980's which include series of absurd events. This last one was connected with the most absurd movie I remember. It involved a story of a guy who was coming back from his lover living in a dinghy motel and had a car accident. It happened in the mountains and he got stuck for good trying to survive. The old east German ORWO film type was used for this one and the colours were really bleak.
The series of absurd happenings moved all the way round. Suddenly Kermit the Frog appeared and told us the tale of grave news: which was the grandmother of the stuck one was preparing a home made jam of plumes and prunes. What a pity! he had to wait until he got released and he got extremely hungry.
then the series of absurd collages followed on and it was really difficult to distinguish which ones follow which line of sense.
I alwyas tend to think that it was just some kind of recallibration process to adapt the mind to new patterns and explicitly express the erased ones as they needed strongly to be spoken out.

niedziela, 5 września 2010

Dream 2010.09.05.

I had a meeting with friends which was a very messy thing to do - hard to cope for me as I organised the party and tried hard to fix the things out.
Many people came to visit me not only as friends whom I welcomed and invited before but also many who were trying to do some business with me.
Then I had a flashback of myself travelling on the subway and meditating, It was a deja vu which I have many times on the subway...approaching slowly to the train coming and coming through the walls of the train without entering the door. I just mingle with the substance of the walls slowly transferring my body through it and then travelling sitting and meditating.
In the dream I contacted with a friend of mine who sent a very loud signals of sentences:
Heal your body and soul
I then passed on the message but contacted him in a dream and tried to talk which seemed pretty easy. The noise in the underground was very loud but despite this I had a very clear sense of whom I am speaking to and the feeling of the scent of my pal.
He told me a tale of his Dominican indian grandmother who, when in pain, laid down to sleep and in this way she evoked the spirits to give her the proper remedy for curing herself.
My pal advised me to get in touch with spirits and ask for that, as I was healing one of my patients.
I did that...the yellow phone started to ring and I answered it
The voice told me to follow the interstate dream connection...

This dream had a clear image of connections between one and other dream line. Very strong feeling

środa, 1 września 2010

Dream 2010.09.01.

I walk into the room which seems to be a very spacious place and slowly step by step I start to recognise it.
It is the cinema in my little hometown.
The story of it is very sad, as after a lively time during the whole time after the WW II in 1990 it ceased to exist after it got back by the Catholic Church estate. Until now it is completely ruined.
I enter this room and I see that the movie is set on, it seems dark and animpulsive burstout of a live action energy. It is Batman but none of the parts which were directed. First part of Batman was actually the last movie I had a chance to watch there.
The Batman movie I watch is completely different, close to life, Nolanesque a bit, but seems to me more of a Jim Jarmusch and Mike Leigh movie at the same time.
It feels as if the movie is affected by the viewer - as deeper I dwelve into my subcosciousness the more affected the clue and the action fo the movie seems to be.
I see some familiar people in the first two rows - these are no different than my pals from primary school, my friends, they also set their own movie stance...
I am the camera man, watching at the back, in the distance, slowly changing the reels until all sinks into a celluloid mist...